New & Used Tire Sales in Blainville

We specialize in Used tires for sale. Discover our wide Selection of used tires and used mags, Wheel and Tire Packages.

ECOTIRES has over 15 000 used tires for sale. Here’s your opportunity to shop online for the different makes and models of tires that best suit your driving style and your budget. We offer a wide selection of used winter and summer tires. Our used tire inventory allows you to save even more, with over 15 000 used tires to choose from… What are you waiting for?


Because of the large volume of tires for sale we buy, you always get the best deals on used tires, we always offer the lowest price, no matter what brand or size you are looking for.


We are one of the largest used tire dealers in Quebec. Most of our used tires are called “takeoffs”, i.e. they were removed from the new vehicle shortly after purchase or are used tires with only 25-50% wear.


It’s important to know that all of our used tires are checked, classified and certainly measured with a photo of the tire wear. Why buy new when you can afford the same performance at a lower price while helping to save the planet.

+15 000 Used Tires For Sale

We have one of the largest inventories of used tires for sale in Quebec, Call us today or visit us in Blainville